Souled Out Fitness is a Boutique Movement Studio located at 465 Bloomfield Ave. 2nd Fl. in Montclair, NJ.  You can expect a whole lot more than just your average Yoga class.  With Power Yoga laying down the roots, we shake things up by adding dance cardio, plyometrics and resistance weights to our classes to awaken your SOUL and drive RESULTS.


Our classes give you the ultimate TOTAL BODY experience and to the benefits of Infrared Heat.  We want you to SWEAT WITH STYLE and join our community of growing #dopesouls driven to feel better from the inside out.

Join the Movement

Souled Out Fitness offers a variety of classes designed to keep your body guessing.

Each of our unique “fusion based” class styles compliment each other offering you a complete total body experience each time you hit the mat.


Sweat with Intention

Calling all Yoga Rebels.

Leave it all on the mat in this one of kind full body fusion workout.  With Vinyasa Yoga laying the foundation, think outside the four corners of your mat as we blend primal movement with cardio blasting HIIT intervals & DEEP core engagement through our signature Spiral Structure Technique.  Let your body move freely to the hottest beats in Hip Hop and dance music.

This is Buti Yoga.

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